Our Flooring Catalogue

Through our partners Maples and Birch we have access to the UK's biggest range of specialist Solid, Hardwood and Parquet wood flooring. From exotic woods to rare and speciality flooring Maples and Birch can find the wood flooring you want in your home. use the links below to browse their rage or visit www.maplesandbirch.co.uk to see more. 

Metro Range

The Metro range is created to be pure and simple, for those who prefer a more traditional construction for their wood floor, we offer the Metro Collection.

Real wood flooring has all the qualities of a living and breathing (not to mention sustainable!) product with quality being paramount.

The Metro Collection consist of various species in variable decors in a wide range of widths, thicknesses and finishes that will ideal in any room setting.

Cotswold Collection

As with many period furnishings, its is the feeling of a time that has passed which gives certain feeling and textures in one’s home the depth of soul often lacking in contemporary wood flooring.

With this in mind, we offer the Cotswold Collection where we have utilised our experience and depth in sourcing to select the best quality flooring ensuring the skills of experienced craftsmen who apply the hand-finished look as if they have been in situ for centuries.

Country Selection 

The Country Collection offers the rural feel and texture of a traditional floor in various options which best suits your requirements.

Our factory milled oiled hardwood Oak floors providing that authentic old-world charm of Oak floors. Available in several wide board widths these floors give a more natural look to oiled finished floors with a softer, warmer appearance.

Kensington Collection

In answer to the growing demand for darker and more distinctive tones and species in wooden flooring, allow us to introduce you to the Kensington Collection.

Whilst Oak is both durable and affordable it does not naturally offer the darker tones found in many of the more exotic species or quite achieve the dramatic effect this The Kensington Collection delivers.

Vanguard Parquet

For centuries parquet flooring has been a status symbol with its opulent design and the large variety of patterns and styles available. The difficulty of installation where it requires a high degree of skill and can sometimes be considered close to art also contributed to the high regard of parquet.

These days it is easier and cheaper to buy and install parquet flooring but it still creates a stunning impact on any room. If you are looking for a flooring that can be talking piece and makes your room look like a work of art then parquet wood flooring might be what you need.

Bathroom Wood Flooring 

Design Parquets Navylam+ and the Spa Oak range of wood flooring for use in Bathrooms and wet rooms is a revolution to the flooring world. 

Their unique system now allows you to have the bathroom wood flooring that you have always wanted. If you want to make an impression and have something not many people have in their home. 

Designer Collezione

by Georgie Osborne

A collection of stylish hardwood floors infused by current fashionable colour trends from warm to rustic in oiled or lacquered finishes which oozes style on an engineered structured hardwood floor.

Maples & Birch brings you the Designer Collezione which is produced to create this unique styled range of hardwood floors infused inspired one of UK’s talented young interior designer, Georgie Osborne

Signature Bespoke

Maples & Birch brings you Signature Bespoke Flooring which is produced to your specification using selected English Oak with the assurance of being handcrafted and finished by a family-run mill.

The Signature Bespoke Flooring range allows you to have a floor that is made to order from a choice of structures, widths, surface and finish produced to your selected taste.

So apply your own style and gain a unique floor that oozes your own Signature.