About Yorkshire Flooring

Yorkshire Flooring are part of Regional Floors who are a specialist in localised quality Wood Flooring services across the UK, our founders have over 50 years of experience in retail and real wood flooring jointly between them.

At Yorkshire Flooring it is our objective to offer you the widest range of quality wood flooring available from sustainable ethical farmed forests that are regulated by ethical environmental groups/bodies as well as deliver a service that is best across Yorkshire.

When making an enquiry with Yorkshire Flooring be it online or by phone our experienced consultants will identify your flooring needs without applying any pushy or pressure selling techniques, all our consultants will provide you with the unbiased advice regards the type wood floor to the species and installation and the accessories required.

Our consultants are experienced with a great depth of knowledge which means we can identify any species of wood and offer you a matching service you may require.

If you can’t find a floor of your liking from our vast wood floors from the range of Maples & Birch then we can call upon our parent company who have an avast library of wood flooring samples which ensures we have access to the widest range of real wood floors online in the UK.

We often get price comparisons against other websites and retailers but at Yorkshire Flooring we believe that you only get what you pay for so we source by quality not price and ensure service is paramount over discounted imported low-grade wood floors.

Many flooring websites will offer fantastic prices by using tactics like showing a lower price then stating prices are for larger orders or exclude VAT when you get to the checkout…Yorkshire Flooring often receives feedback that some online retailers claim an offer was limited and is out of stock….When its cheap its cheap for a reason and the reason for this is that online retailers and multiple retailers will buy and sell the lowest or most basic grade of wood floors.

With the objective to deliver service with the satisfaction we deliver only the best service and sell only quality wood flooring and to do this we will never sell lower graded woods, by applying this practice we only you the best service in Yorkshire as well as the highest quality range of products and accessories.